Faith & Grief Ministries is committed to providing you with a variety of meaningful resources to encourage you in the process of grief and mourning. Keep in mind that “people grieve as they live.” Therefore, one book may make no sense and another may inspire; videos of personal stories may help you hear and realize that you have both unique and similar thoughts and feelings about grief and life; and connecting with others through 6-week grief workshops or weekend retreats to focus on your pain and your possibilities may be best for you.

Our prayer for you is to have the courage to pursue a variety of healthy and faith-filled ways to process your grief.


All entries on the Recommended Book List have been mentioned to Faith & Grief Ministries by men and women who have experienced different types of loss. Your recommendations are welcomed:


Comfort, O comfort My People is a daily resource that has 31 days of Christian scripture and quotations submitted by people who felt a positive impact from each entry. Other online resources are also available. You can also watch these videos of men and women who have found comfort by participating in Faith & Grief Ministries resources.

Seminars & Support Groups

Various support groups are available throughout the country. Here is a list of support groups specific to the Dallas area.


6-Week Workshops and Weekend Retreats
Faith & Grief Ministries workshops and retreats provide time and space to process personal grief in community with others. The workshops and retreats include stories in Scripture that focus on grief, presentations on the nature and dynamics of grief, small group discussions, and spiritual practices designed to promote comfort. Some men and women attend more than one because they gain much comfort and helpful insights.

One workshop participant reflected: “I had passed the one year anniversary of my husband’s death and thought I was doing pretty well.  I honored his passing by going away with a girlfriend and having an all-night vigil on the anniversary, January 27.   We told stories (she knew him well) and looked through photographs.  I read cards people had sent me.  Returning home, however, I found myself not doing as well as I thought.  I was surprised.  All the old feelings of loneliness and heartbreak came flying back.

My pastor suggested I attended a Faith & Grief Ministries retreat. I was grateful and scared to attend the weekend retreat.  The only real grief work I had done was alone.  I had looked for support groups and therapists only to find that people talk about grief work but don’t have much of a clue what is really needed.  I even talked to my doctor who told me to watch funny movies and socialize.  That got old.

I went not knowing what to expect.  I went hoping to receive comfort but wasn’t certain I would.  So, I was really surprised at what awaited me.  The facilitators were very well prepared.   All had experienced losses of their own and had been able to take that terrible experience of loss and move forward.  That was what I was looking for.  How could I face the next 20 to 30 years that were looming ahead of me?  The facilitators did not give answers or platitude. Instead, they talked about possibilities for now, for the next 20 years, for a new life. I am so blessed to have participated!”

Substance Abuse Recovery

The Recovery Village is an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery. Grief is an intensely emotional and natural response to loss. Many times, the temptation to turn off the emotions associated with grief can be overwhelming, and substance abuse may provide a temporary escape.  Quality content is key in providing those struggling with substance abuse and their loved ones with educational information on how to get help. is an informational resource providing relevant information, helpful resources, and a network of support for people suffering from addiction and their loved ones.