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Meet Volunteer Beverly Patrick

Beverly Patrick is a long-time participant in our Faith & Grief Gatherings in Dallas, usually at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, where she is a long-time member. She is

Rituals to Remember Mom

Our mothers and mother figures are an essential part of who we are. Our relationship with them is not a simple one to describe. As Mother's Day approaches each year,

Meet Volunteer Amy Cannady

Meet Amy Several years ago, Amy Cannady was in the midst of identifying her spiritual gifts when she was invited to volunteer with Faith and Grief Ministries as


Faith & Grief Workshop Participant Workbook Appendix  Download Workbook Appendix We offer the Faith & Grief Workshop as a multi-session weekly workshop or weekend retreat. We collaborate with local

Opening Ceremony

INTRODUCTION OF 2023 Faith & Grief Memorial Arch Co-Chairs                Jeff Logan, Faith & Grief Ministries, Board Chair WORDS OF WELCOME    

2021 Annual Impact Report

2021 was another year of unimaginable grief. Through support from our generous donors, we continued to offer grief support online and, in some areas in person. We are so

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Resources You Can Use Now

Listen to our Faith & Grief Podcast, read or listen to a book from our book club and find ways to remember your loved ones, like visiting the Faith & Grief Memorial Arch.

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