Faith and Grief Executive Team

Sharon Balch, Co-Founder
Rev. Wendy Fenn, Co-Founder
Liz Harling, Executive Director
Rev. Dr. Fran Shelton, Co-Founder
Jeff Logan, 2023 Chair, Board Of Directors
Lisa O’Bryant, 2023 Vice-Chair

Faith & Grief Board of Directors

Todd Atkins
Tena Burley
Jeff Logan
Lisa O’Bryant, 2024 Chair
Susan McDaniel
Stacey Merlin
Witek Nowosiad
Rachel Monica
Katherine Tang


Liz Harling, Executive Director

Shelley Craig, Program Director

Regina Hunt. Sr. Grief Educator & Certified Spiritual Director

Rev. Diane Pennington, Sr. Grief Educator & Certified Spiritual Director

Susan Ingle, Host Liaison & Resource Administrator

Mike Shaw, Facilitator

Sandra Hundt, Administrative Assistant

Emily Cox, Communications Manager