Come Connect & Find Comfort

We provide support gatherings, retreats & workshops for those who have lost a loved one, where they can share their stories with others on a similar journey.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for comfort & hope to those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

With gatherings, workshops & retreats across the country, we are committed to providing care and compassion.


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Amy’s Story

“The support gatherings are a place where I can tell my story and be with other people and to be comfortable with my tears. What I have learned is that it is a community, a family, and we have the common bond of having lost somebody.”


Latest Stories

Loving & Losing a Difficult Person – a daughter’s story

My mother was a difficult person. Not only did the world revolve around her, but she could also be mean. But she had a reason. She had an older sister,[…]

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The Next Five Minutes

If you have not prayed for ways to survive the next five minutes, be thankful. I have, and it is tough.

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Then, I Asked Daddy

Now that I am no longer in my 20’s, I have seen many stages of life, and I am quite sure I will remember this stage of my life, the end of my father’s life, as one of the most beautiful, dear and sweet times. I have had the opportunity to experience, reflect, and savor what Daddy has taught my children and myself throughout our lives, and how he has helped form us into the people, we are today. The two words that keep coming to my mind are family and community.

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