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More to Life than More
by Alan Pesky

October 2021 Recommended Book Selection

At the age of thirty, just as everything was falling into place for him, Lee Pesky died of brain cancer. For his father, Alan, grief came with the realization that he had lost the chance to love Lee as he was—not as he wanted him to be. Ambitious, successful, and always striving for more, Alan had a hard time relating to a son who struggled with learning disabilities at a time when there was little understanding or help for kids who had them. Their relationship was complicated, and now, Lee was gone.

Future Widow
by Jenny Lisk

In Future Widow, Jenny goes behind the scenes of her journey through those tumultuous and heartbreaking months. She reflects on the community who showed her how to be an ally in a crisis, her search for guides on how to parent grieving children, and the dual reality of having to choose–and getting to choose–what her future will look like.
Through it all, she grapples with this fundamental question:

Do I have what it takes to help my young family survive my husband’s terminal illness?

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