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Faith & Grief Book Club

Join us as we read suggested books about grief.
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May Book Selection
Their Legacies Live On
Stories Collected by
Brenda E. Cortez

This book is a collection of 18 stories of COVID loss survivors and their loved ones. These are stories of heartbreak, challenges of o grieving during the pandemic and telling the  story of each of their loved ones who died. The book will offer you a new perspective on what the pandemic has done to millions of us.
This is a written legacy making sure the stories are told and that we recognize they were more than a number.

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June Book Selection
Grief is Love: Living with Loss
by Marisa Renee Lee

In beautiful, compassionate prose, Marisa elegantly offers wisdom about what it means to authentically and defiantly claim space for grief’s complicated feelings and emotions. And Lee is no stranger to grief herself, she shares her journey after losing her mother, a pregnancy, and, most recently, a cousin to the COVID-19 pandemic. These losses transformed her life and led her to question what grief really is and what healing actually looks like. This book is both a love letter to her mother and a gift to the reader.

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July Book Selection
A Hole in the World
by Amanda Held Opelt 

When Amanda suffered a season of loss, including three miscarriages and the unexpected death of her sister, New York Times bestselling writer Rachel Held Evans, she was confronted with sorrow she didn’t know to how face. She  wrestled with some unexpectedly difficult questions: What does it mean to truly grieve and to grieve well? Why is it so hard to move on? Why didn’t my faith prepare me for this kind of pain? And what am I supposed to do now? This book explores what she found when she went looking for answers.

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Previous Book Club Selections

No Winter Lasts Forever by Fran Shelton
Refined by Fire by Mary Potter Kenyon
Black Widow by Leslie Gray Streeter
You Can’t Do It Alone by Maria Quiban Whitesell
beautiful and terrible things by Christian M.M. Brady
Traveling Solo but Never Alone by Bill Harrison
Widowish by Melissa Gould
Passed & Present by Allison Gilbert
The Beauty of What Remains by Steve Leder
Only Spring by Gordon Livingston
More to Life than More by Alan Pesky
Future Widow by Jenny Lisk
Farther Along by Carol Henderson
Our Best Last Act by Mallory McDuff
Boldy Into the Darkness by Autumn Toelle-Jackson