Comfort & Hope

Our mission is to provide opportunities for comfort & hope to those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Your Grief is Unique
Choose the Grief Support That You Want

Grief Support Gatherings

Looking for a small group that meets monthly, online or in-person, to offer support & encouragement?

The Faith & Grief Workshop

Looking for a group that meets for consecutive sessions, online or in-person, to about learn about how grief affects you and tools for healing?

Weekend Grief Retreats

Need a weekend away to work on your grief with others who are also grieving a loved one?

Visit the Event Calendar and find group grief support online and in-person hosted locally.

Grief Resources

Resources You Can Use Now

Listen to our Faith & Grief Podcast, read or listen to a book from our book club and find ways to remember your loved ones, like visiting the Faith & Grief Memorial Arch.

Stories of Comfort & Hope
Remember Your Loved Ones
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