During this time of Covid-19, we were able to sit down with some of our board members and ask them where they find comfort and hope.  Take a look at this clip from a conversation between Board Member, Ann Golding, and our Program Director, Shelley Craig.

Ann serves as one of four chaplains at UT Southwestern, and during the pandemic, her pastoral care has had to shift completely to phone calls, as there are so few people allowed in the hospital.

Shelley asked Ann, “In this time of COVID, and just in general, in grief, where do you find comfort and hope?” And here is Ann’s response:

It’s through my personal faith. Everybody will have a different answer to that question, as they should, but it would not be possible for me to do the work that I do or were it not for my strong faith and my knowledge of theology. 

One thing that is important to do, just my opinion, before you become a hospital chaplain, is to get your theology in order. To know what you believe because you will be faced with a lot of situations that could possibly shake that or question it.  It is my personal idea that my theology needed to be really strong in order for me to do the work I do. So, to answer that question, I would say it’s through faith in Christ and through the resource of scripture that we have available to us, those two things. 

And then, of course, support from family and friends is always there, but it does come secondary to my faith in God.