Faith & Grief Ministries provides people with the love and support needed to reconcile their grief.

With gatherings, workshops and retreats across the country, we are committed to providing care and compassion.


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“On our first grief retreat

We really didn’t know what to expect. We were just hoping to find something to grab on to, to help our grief. When we got their though, it was okay to be sad. When I go to talk to someone about death, I would hold back the tears. But here, everyone had tissues on the table and I was able to let it out. All the feelings I had were normal.”

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For All of Us Who are Really Bad at This

“It’s not that you don’t care – you brought a casserole. You’re just scared.  Scared of saying the wrong thing. Scared of making the widow cry. Worse yet, scared of making her put on a smile, fix coffee and listen patiently to your grief stories. You never mean to make it about you, it’s just that you get nervous and it’s kind of good to talk to someone you don’t have to explain things to…”

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Mother & Daughter on Losing “G-mom”

Grief is never isolated to one person; it is felt across communities and especially across families. These two accounts–one from the daughter and one from the granddaughter–highlight that reality.

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“Mom, I’m fine.”

“While I had a huge amount of support from family and friends, I found myself comforting them because everyone was so sad. It was very hard witnessing the grief of his sister and twin brother.  How is a mother supposed to provide solace to others when experiencing intense grief herself?”

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