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We hope that you will consider sharing your personal story on Faith & Grief’s website.  Your willingness to write portions of your grief journey will bring both comfort and encouragement to others.  Comfort comes in part by recognizing that we are not alone on this long and winding road of sadness, bewilderment, anger, and fear.  Together, we are encouraged by discovering that “darkness turns to dawning” and that the human spirit is resilient.

We recognize that the writing process may evoke a storehouse of emotions.  Yet several who have contributed are caught by surprise at the healing power that began by telling their story.  Pictures are welcome, as well.  If you wish to share, submit your story via our Contact Page.  Please include pictures (3-5), or any other supporting media.  Once submitted, you will be sent a release form, please sign and return to

Due to the large volume of stories, we are not able to let you know when your story will be posted.  Check daily and forward to your friends and family.

Living with Compound Grief


We, (my husband, Rich and I) always believed that God accompanied and guided us on our life’s journey.  In November 2009, after 56 years of marriage, Rich had a devastating stroke that left him without strength or movement on his right side and without the ability to speak.  With the help of therapists he regained […]

Healing Through Poetry

One of the challenges in the process of grief is to discover healthy, creative, and sustainable coping skills.  John Lundberg, writer, poetry teacher, and a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, blogs about the healing that can come through writing poetry.  He blogs, “If you have ever written a poem, you know that the act […]

A Journey of Loss and Faith


“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” That was the mantra of our marriage by 2012. I’d had the quote emblazoned on tote bags, notecards, and journals, along with our photo. After 27 years of marriage, we’d finally learned what it was to truly treasure each other during David’s cancer treatment […]

Turn Grief into Abiding Joy


  At my pastor’s suggestion, I attended the Faith & Grief Ministries retreat, Comfort & Hope on the Journey of Grief, at Mo Ranch in February 2016.  I had passed the one year anniversary of my husband’s death and thought I was doing pretty well.  I honored his passing by going away with a girlfriend […]

Living Our Lives to Make Them Proud

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“We love them. We miss them. We grieve them. And so, we live our lives to make them proud.” This Christmas season, we can’t think of better words to describe our aching longing for the loved ones we’ve lost, as well as our desire to honor their memory by conducting our doctoral research in the […]

Stillborn and A Life-Giving Dream


I was pregnant and had been sick in the hospital for two weeks. During my stay in the hospital I had a lot of time to think, and it came to me one day after prayer, that our baby was going to die. I felt I couldn’t handle this.  I asked Jesus to help me […]

The Gift of Friendship


We met in third grade.  We were inseparable, or, as my dad would probably say, insufferable, from then on until Suzi died in August at the age of 69 (she wanted so badly to turn 70 in September, but she died young) after a year-and-a-half battle with acute myeloid leukemia.  I hear that people don’t […]

Under the Wire


My husband was Bill Dawson.  I was honored to be married to him for nearly 48 years. He was the kindest and the most forgiving person I’ve ever known, and this is our story.             I’ll give you a bit of background on Bill and me.  We met in the early 60’s just after I had […]

Remembrances and Blessing


The Reverend Amy Spaur lit candles in remembrance of the first responders who died in Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge, LA at the Elmwood El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church Faith & Grief Ministries gathering July 17, 2016. Remembrances and Blessings Violent tragedies, gut-wrenching grief, chronic fear and wondering when it will stop, funeral after […]

Grief after the Death of a Difficult Person


My mother was a difficult person. Not only did the world revolve around her, she could be mean. But she had a reason. She had an older sister, Evelyn, who was a sweet and pretty child, much beloved. Evelyn died of diphtheria when she was two years old, the year before my mother was born. […]