Yellow Heart Memorial

Yellow Heart Memorial

Have you lost a loved one to COVID-19?

The Yellow Heart Memorial is a special project to offer you a way to remember your loved one.

The Yellow Heart Memorial hosted at the Irving Archives & Museum in Irving, TX through January 2021. Curated and created by COVID Survivor Advocate, Rosie Davis, the memorial is a tribute to those who have died due to COVID-19. The memorial consists of memorial portraits is offered by Faces of COVID. The Yellow Heart emoji has become the symbol of remembrance online for those we have lost to COVID-19. 

The creators of the Yellow Heart Memorial are working to see what the memorial’s future will be. We have started a GoFundMe to raise funds to cover the expense of the memorial and to start to build its future. If you would like to support the Yellow Heart Memorial you can Give Here.

If you would like to bring the Yellow Heart Memorial to your community, contact us at

Faith & Grief is a proud social partner of the Yellow Heart Memorial.

You may add your loved one’s name to a yellow heart to be displayed at the memorial. If you would like your loved one’s name added to a yellow heart at the memorial, please click here or fill out the form below.