Yellow Heart Memorial

Yellow Heart Memorial

Have you lost a loved one to COVID-19?

The Yellow Heart Memorial is a special project to offer you a way to remember your loved one.

The Yellow Heart Memorial hosted at the Irving Archives & Museum in Irving, TX January 4th – 15th, 2021. Curated and created by COVID Survivor Advocate, Rosie Davis, the memorial is a tribute to those who have died due to COVID-19. The memorial consists of memorial portraits is offered by Faces of COVID. The Yellow Heart emoji has become the symbol of remembrance online for those we have lost to COVID-19. 

Join the online Facebook live event, January 9th at 2 pm CST for the online memorial program. 

Faith & Grief is a proud social partner of the Yellow Heart Memorial.

You may add your loved one’s name to a yellow heart to be displayed at the memorial. If you would like your loved one’s name added to a yellow heart at the memorial, please click here or fill out the form below.