Life Is a Tapestry

When I was nine years old and formally gave my life to Christ, I wished my daddy was there. When I was 17 and discerned a call into ministry, I wished my daddy was there. When I was 20 and walked down an aisle wearing white, I wished my daddy was there. When I was 24 and gave birth to a daughter, I wished my daddy was there. When I was 25 and 28, and delivered 2 more children, I wished my daddy was there.

It’s Been Three Months

The fluidity of time and its tortoise-like qualities seemed overly exaggerated last month. If all of May’s activities and accomplishments were a grocery list, I would need to float a loan in order to check out. Yet when I stare at those 31 squares on the calendar, I realize that it really has only been three months since Bob died. Emotionally and physically, however, it seems much longer.

For All of Us Who are Really Bad at This

“It’s not that you don’t care – you brought a casserole. You’re just scared.  Scared of saying the wrong thing. Scared of making the widow cry. Worse yet, scared of making her put on a smile, fix coffee and listen patiently to your grief stories. You never mean to make it about you, it’s just that you get nervous and it’s kind of good to talk to someone you don’t have to explain things to…”

Mother & Daughter on Losing “G-mom”

Grief is never isolated to one person; it is felt across communities and especially across families. These two accounts–one from the daughter and one from the granddaughter–highlight that reality.

“Mom, I’m fine.”

“While I had a huge amount of support from family and friends, I found myself comforting them because everyone was so sad. It was very hard witnessing the grief of his sister and twin brother.  How is a mother supposed to provide solace to others when experiencing intense grief herself?”

It Has Taken Time

“When someone you love dies, church is hard, really hard. It took me a good six months to even want to step foot into church. I wasn’t angry at God, just so incredibly and deeply disappointed,” remembers Elizabeth SoRelle, who lost her twin brother David in 2014.

Help Us Provide Comfort & Healing

Every $20 we raise helps connect a grieving individual with the resources they need on their journey of healing. We have all been in that place, looking for help but not knowing where to find it.

Southern Women: My Two Examples of Strength

“I’ve discovered that grief wouldn’t exist without love, and the more you love someone the more profound your grief will be. With my father’s passing, I was angry like my Grandma. I was mad at God.  With my mother’s passing, though, I realized I was like Mimi.  Even though it felt like there was a hole in my heart, I could see and feel that God was all around me. There were too many signs of His love and that He DOES have a plan. It’s hard to deny.”

Grieving Nation: A Message from Faith & Grief Ministries Founders

A Message from the founders of Faith & Grief Ministries in response to the grief of our nation: “Although many of us do not know the pain of losing a family member or friend in a mass shooting, we have experienced the grueling pain of grief far too often. Know that this grief, although it feels insurmountable, will not consume you.”

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Imagine: It’s the first Valentine’s Day after your husband’s death and you begrudgingly trudge into the kitchen for a cup of coffee only to discover inches of water standing (and deepening!) across the floor. Even without caffeine, you kick into high gear and pull out every bath towel available hoping for dry ground that does…
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