Spiritual Practice Workshops

Spiritual  Practices for Grief Workshops

Grief is sacred. It is an extention of love which we all recognize as sacred. Spiritual practices have long been a way for us to connect with the sacred and the Holy. Explore these spiritual practices that have been adapted to promote comfort as you grieve.

Simple Creative Tools for Healing & Grief

Thursday, April 29th @ 7 pm CT
Led by Artist Roxanne Glaser, Super Doodle Girl


Inhale. Exhale. Did you know that coloring and doodling calms your mind and relaxes your body allowing you to become present in the moment? When life seems out of control and chaotic, using our hands helps us settle our spirits. Join us for our virtual event to learn simple creative tools for healing and grief.

Roxanne Glaser is a self-taught artist who sparks joy with her art and illustrations. In elementary school, Roxanne doodled throughout the day, filling pages with imaginative swirls and letters.

When her husband and sister passed away unexpectedly, she turned to art to help process the grief and begin rebuilding her life.

As SuperDoodleGirl, she has learned the healing power of tapping into her creativity and lettering or doodling everyday. Inspired by nature and her personal yoga practice, Roxanne’s art touches hearts and minds with themes of transformation and encouragement. 

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