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Resources for Your Grief Journey

Keep in mind that “people grieve as they live.” 

Therefore, one book may make no sense and another may inspire; videos of personal stories may help you realize that you have both unique and similar feelings about grief and life; and connecting with others through grief workshops or weekend retreats may be best for you.

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Grief Devotionals

We pray that these daily readings will serve as threads of faith, hope and love to bind your broken heart and that each will echo the comfort and encouragement experienced by the contributors.

Grief DevotionalMulti-Faith Version

Thanks to St. Philips Presbyterian for their support of our multi-faith devotional printing.

And a special thanks to
for their gift of translating our devotional into Spanish through their social mission project.
Printed version available May 2021.

Faith & Grief Stories

The stories shared by those we serve are the cornerstone of our programs.

Our support programs give those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, the space and comfort to tell their story. There are all kinds of grief stories and each is a valid response to love.

Shared Stories