Compassionate Friends

When a sibling dies, the world changes in a heartbeat. Often times when such a loss occurs, others fail to recognize that the surviving sibling faces emotional battles on many fronts while working through the loss. Largely ignored, surviving siblings are often referred to as the “forgotten mourners.”

Michael Paul Cox

Journey with Michael Cox on the many roads he travels working to find peace after the death of his wife Lindy.  On Day 365, he articulates what so many others experience a year after a spouse’s death–Your Absence is Like the Sky, It’s Everywhere.  Visit

Grief and Gratitude

Why a blog about grief and gratitude? Can these two seemingly disparate emotions be linked? I think they can. When we lost our 21-year-old son Matthew to a form of virulent strep in October of 2010 my life was profoundly changed. I am not the same person I was and this loss is an integral part of who I am now. Seventeen months later, I feel like my soul is beginning to breathe again and I see the world through softer eyes. And that’s what this blog is about. It’s about the transformational power of grief, and the resulting consequence of gratitude for all of the little things that constitute my life today. By acknowledging and appreciating life’s impermanence, I am left with deep gratitude for what is right now. So I dedicate this blog to Matthew with love and appreciation for the 21 years we had him in our lives. His memory is a blessing to all of us.  Visit Grief & Gratitude by Robin Gaphni.


GriefWorks helps children ages 5–18 grieve the loss of a loved one in a way that brings them closer to answers they are seeking, rather than leaving them stuck in their grief journey. . . closer to others, rather than becoming relationally isolated . . . and to a place of healing and peace, rather than sliding into depression, anger, or other emotional traps that can occur when grief is not dealt with. GriefWorks, providing Christian grief counseling and support groups, is a ministry of ChristianWorks for Children, established in 1967. At GriefWorks, our experienced, trained grief counselors and volunteers listen to children’s hurts and guide them in individual and age-divided groups. Private counseling and free resources are also available. We provide a supportive, safe, loving environment for children to deal with grief in a healthy way. Visit the GriefWorks Website.