Host a Gathering

How does your organization carry out the mission to comfort those who mourn?

What ways do you keep in touch with family members after the memorial service?

“Faith & Grief Ministries can sustain and expand your pastoral care to bereaved men and women in your community through its simple but profound ministry.”
The Reverend Nathan Hill
Faith & Grief Ministries provides several resources of ongoing comfort that keep the needs of your community connected to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

One resource is a lay-led, one-hour monthly gathering designed in part by those well acquainted with the journey of grief. The gatherings are a proven model for the bereaved to experience comfort through prayer, scripture, encouragement from others and hope in sharing experiences and feelings.

It is a safe place to cry, laugh, make a joke,
or silently sit without fear of judgment.
Mana Bailey

Learn about hosting a monthly gathering in only 90-days by calling 469-251-9612 or