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Community Tree of Remembrance

Dec 21, 2016 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Thanksgiving Square
1627 Pacific Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75201

Community Tree of Remembrance

Faith & Grief Ministries recognizes that the holiday season can bring sadness and a swirl of conflicting emotions for those who are grieving both the personal and communal loss of loved ones.

This December the first Community Tree of Remembrance will be at Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, to provide individuals and the community opportunities to remember and honor those who remain special to them.  Throughout the month visitors will be able to write the names of loved ones on ribbons of white, tie them to a circle of life, and have moments of personal reflection.

On December 21 the community will unite in remembering loved ones on the longest night of the year.  This service is designed and led by Faith and Grief Ministries and Faith Forward Dallas. 

All are invited to visit the Community Tree of Remembrance and the worship services.  Special guests are area First Responders, members of the El Centro community, and those impacted by the July 7th tragedies.

The Community Tree of Remembrance

The Community Tree of Remembrance

Faith & Grief Ministries is grateful to partnering sponsors for making this gift to the community possible:  Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Janice Crawford Homes, Year-Round Lighting, Northridge Presbyterian Church, Open Ring Sunday School Class of First Presbyterian Church, Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Rotary Club of Dallas (Downtown), and Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church.  To learn more contact info@faithandgrief.org.

Faith and Grief

Clergy participating at the December 1 Community Tree of Remembrance multi-faith worship: The Reverend Christopher D. Girata, Almus Muscatwalla, The Reverend Rudy Garcia, The Reverend Regina Franklin-Basye, Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Imam Omar Suleiman, The Reverend Ann Willet, The Rev. Wendy Fenn and Chris Slaughter, President of Thanks-Giving Foundation. Not pictured: Ashley Seldon, soloist and Dr. Shahnaz Babaloui who gave a reflection in memory of her daughter.