In Memory Of

AMYI chose Faith and Grief Ministries as a suggested way others might choose to honor my husband’s memory.┬áMichael and I had both been involved with this “Oh So Necessary” ministry; he, as a widower, I as a facilitator. Upon my beloved husband’s own death, I knew I would claim my seat as a participant in this loving, healing ministry. Here, I could process ALL MY FEELINGS on my path to “A New Normal.” Contributions to Faith and Grief Ministries provide that this ministry continues for others. It was comforting and meaningful to know, at my time of loss, that legacies left in Michael’s name would provide for others traveling this path of unwanted grief.-Amy Cannady

Follow Amy’s example and donate to Faith & Grief Ministries in memory of
your loved one so that other’s are blessed by the resources of ongoing comfort.